Holistic Approach – A Critical Aspect Of Women and Children’s Health

Every woman and infant is a whole human that requires a comprehensive approach to thrive and live healthily. Just as one desires to have perfect health when he/she visits the hospital, irrespective of whatever the problem may be, Caring Hands Primary Care also seeks to achieve all-around wellness in rendering our services to women and children.

Our approach to women’s health is individualized. The foundation for offering treatments to help our patient achieve a healthy life is borne from the fact that we recognize that as every woman is unique, so does every woman have a personal and distinct set of health-related issues. Our approach to every new patient is to provide quality and quantitative health care that deals specifically with their needs. We clear our minds of perceived notions, delivering unparalleled and safe care to every woman. When we think about restoring overall balance for women and children and leading them to a healthier body and life, we believe balance.

While managing the various aspect of this modern-day life, specific issues arise that a woman needs to openly and candidly discuss such as time management, eating habits, home, and career responsibilities, just to mention a few. Often, it is entirely appropriate to relate to a woman’s health-related issues to balance. Is there balance in her emotional life, are her hormones balanced, how about balance in family, diet, work, home, etc. We focus on the whole person and look at things from the lens of the body, mind, and spirit because when one thing is out of balance, it can lead to an extensive chain reaction of emotional and physical symptoms.

For a child too, it is not always about medicating symptoms. Imagine a child who has experienced severe asthma attacks got worse on medication. When questioned on a broader note, it was found out that he ate more because he had been inside a lot and his boredom and anxiety made him eat the more. Unknowingly, he never suspected that weight gain could stand as a hindrance to treating asthma. Integrating holistic methods into our mainstream practices is by far the best way to get a child healthy– consider every single part of his life. In any case, we will have to take a 360 degrees’ inspection of the child to uncover the real cause of the problem.

It is not enough to get universal health; your overall wellness is guaranteed by access to health centers that offer services with specific goals that address the variety of barriers faced by adolescents and women at large. For us here, this is our motivation; we seek to offer a balanced way for people to consider their health first because we know how important it is for them to get the most out of their increasingly demanding lives.

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